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theLOOKes… Denim on Denim!


Happy Mondays Lookers!

Let’s start the week with a brand new look – Denim on Denim!

Another trend which just doesn’t seem to be going away is Denim. One which we have been seeing over the past few years, and can be styled to be both casual and elegant. In our latest look we have created an outfit in-between these two styles –  causal and elegant. A look which is comfortable to wear on both ocassions and endlessly stylish all around.

Accessorising it simply with a long scarf, with a beautiful butterfly design on it, and with another wintery trend which seems to be here to stay – the fluffy faux fur jacket courtesy of Mango! In this case the light creamy colour complements the denim beautifully, and keeps you warm from the cold as well as lookin’ good!


Feliz Lunes Lookers!

Empezamos la semana con un Nuevo look – Denim con Denim!

Una tendencia que no ha desaparecido es el Denim. Lo llevamos viendo ya unos años en las pasarelas, revistas y en nuestras bloggers y celebrities preferidas, pero no pierde su allure ya que es muy fácil de combinar sea en un look casual o en un look elegante. En nuestro ultimo look hemos creado un look que combina estas dos cosas – Elegante pero casual, y a la vez poder sentirse comoda luciendo estilo en ambas ocasiones.

Complementando el look con un pañuelo que tiene un estampado de mariposas precioso, y destacamos otra tendencia que también pisa fuerte en los meses de frio – la chaqueta “faux-fur” de Mango. Esta chaqueta en un tono cremoso nos deja lucir estilo en el frio!







4 thoughts on “theLOOKes… Denim on Denim!

  1. Fab casual and elegant look, it looks sooo comfortable.
    Mango’s off white faux feur jacket is a great combination with this denim look. Scarf is the finishing touch.
    Very good looking post.

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