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theLOOKes for The Box… Bow Tie for Work!

We were so delighted to find that The Box has such a wide variety of pieces in the store. From clothing you can wear during the evening, to a special ocasion, to pieces for every day casual wear. Today we show you a look which is perfect for elegant and stylish work wear!

A gorgeous look styled using pieces by Elena Gallego, one of the owners of The Box! A pair of short leg, black trousers, embellished with detail all the way through and combines beautifully with a simple, short sleeved blouse, with the same detail over the shoulders.

A beautiful retro bow tie, by Zambrano, in hues of deep reds, breaks away from the harsh black colours and pulls the look together to become elegant, authentic and very chic! 

Comfortable yet original, this look will make you the style talk of the office. Accessorised with a pair of thin heels with velvet touches, and a blue and oyster square bag, perfect for all of your bits and pieces!

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